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ADB extends loans and provides technical assistance to its developing member countries for a broad range of development projects and programs. It also promotes and facilitates investment of public and private capital for economic and social development.

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Latest Feature Stories About ADB Projects
20 January 2011
Public Information Centers Empower Cambodians
As a child, Tuok Neang did not have access to books. Today, Tuok Neang, a university student majoring in English, has access to a wealth of information about his country's history, politics, and economic growth.
17 November 2010
Farming Smarter
Aided by investments in skill transfers, irrigation, and road upgrades, villagers in the Lao highlands now have the knowledge to improve their farming and marketing techniques, connecting them to markets as far away as Japan.
17 November 2010
Life Beyond the Dam
Though a hydropower project relocated villagers, it also brought electricity, roads, and schools to a remote valley.
16 November 2010
Home Sweet Home
An ADB-supported project provides villagers in Sri Lanka's eastern coastal communities with opportunities to move beyond a past ravaged by conflict and natural calamity, and has shown that poverty reduction can be achieved.
16 November 2010
Homegrown Career Opportunities
Expanded vocational training fills a yawning gap in indigenous skills, so that vulnerable people can earn the expertise to keep pace with Bhutan's fast-growing economy.